Mack - Thyroid Cancer, Hypothyroidism

Mack is a 58 year old social worker living in North Carolina. Mack went to Dr. Flechas to see if he had Fibromyalgia as he was experiencing constant pain. Dr. Flechas did a thorough physical on Mack and discovered a thyroid nodule on the first visit. He also discovered that Mack had diabetes and high blood pressure. Mack had already been diagnosed with sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.

Dr. Flechas' first course of action was to begin a series of tests to diagnose the thyroid nodule. He was also started on medicines to control his diabetes and high blood pressure. A ultrasound of his thyroid was performed in the office and revealed that the nodule was solid. He then sent him for a thyroid uptake nuclear scan. The test revealed that the nodule was "cold". A "cold" nodule is an indicator that the nodule could be malignant. The next was a fine needle biopsy of the nodule. The biopsy was inconclusive saying that the nodule could neither be defined as malignant or benign. After much discussion between three doctors including Dr. Flechas, an encrinologist, and a ENT, it was decided that Mack would have surgery to remove the nodule. During the surgery the nodule was sent directly to pathology and it was discovered to be Papillary Thyroid Cancer and the decision was made to go ahead and remove all of Mack's thyroid.

After Mack had recovered from the surgery, he was then sent back into the hospital for a radioactive iodine treatment to kill any remaining thyroid tissue that may be in his body.

When the course of treatment for his thyroid cancer was completed, Dr. Flechas started Mack on Iodoral - 3 tablets in the morning and 3 tablets at night. Since starting the Iodoral, Mack's diabetes had almost completely disappeared. He is no longer on diabetes' medicines and his blood sugars have been in the normal range for over a year.

Update April, 2005: Mack is now down to 240 lbs after starting at a weight of about 320 lbs when first starting treatment with Dr. Flechas. His overall general health is wonderful. He is sleeping well for the first time in years and very active.